About Us

A History

Natura is a maker of a small line of artisanal body care products that uses locally available herbs, spices, oils and floral ingredients in a cold process as its distinctive hallmark. Our guiding philosophy is about using the good things from everyday life and turning them into great things for everyday use”.

This vision has been our foundation from the start, serving us well over the years and continues to be our beacon into the future.

Started in Auroville in 2002, Natura was one of the earliest makers of high-quality handmade bath soaps that are still sought after for their unique quality.

In 2010 it added laundry powder and bars to its range, addressing a need for gentle washing agents for everyday use. Made from our handmade soap shavings and twists it has gained a reputation for being safe on skin, gentle on clothes and easy on the environment.

In 2018 it introduced a line of dental, skin and hair care products based on traditional formulations using natural botanical elements.

Now, in January 2020, with a thriving business and shifts in the economy, we launch our website and are going e-commerce to reach a wider range customers.

Our Guiding Philosophy

"To use the good things from everyday life and turn them into great things for everyday use."

Striking a fine balance

Natura products are unique for their artisanal character, cold processes and use of locally sourced ingredients (up to 75%), all of which we believe contribute to an outstanding bathing, washing and grooming experience.

Natura is committed to sustainability as much as it is to bringing you excellent products.

Much thought goes into the sourcing of raw materials, product development and packaging.

We are very conscious of our footprints and use technologies that neither need nor consume large quantities of water and power.

We are constantly seeking ways to eliminate waste from our production and packaging streams, and are equally committed to finding better packaging alternatives to the extent they are available and affordable.

Being Naturally Inclined

The Natura line of body care products combine choice ingredients with knowledge, imagination and skill.

Our processes employ cold techniques unlike heat-based processes used in the commercial production of soaps and cosmetics. This allows for maturation differently and brings to the products a very special character.

Natural botanical ingredients and excipients fortify and elevate the spirit of our products.

While we do not claim to be ‘Organic’, we are committed to making our products as natural as possible through using ingredients that are found in nature or organically grown wherever available.

Our soaps, laundry agents, skin, dental and hair care products are rich in organic vegetable oils, various plant-based compounds, natural beeswax and energizing essential oils.

They cleanse, refresh and moisten with their gentle action and natural fragrances.

The Human Touch

Our products need human hands and nature’s gifts to complete them.

As a small artisanal enterprise our foundations are essentially human.

All processes – from preparation to packing – are done manually by local women and men who form the soul of our enterprise. We believe that their presence and engagement add to the uniqueness of our products.