Orange Incense Sticks with natural essential oils

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Orange incense sticks are a new, natural type of incense that come in a variety of fragrances. Made with pure essential oils, aromatic roots, selected herbs and natural flowers, these Incense Sticks are free from any toxic chemicals and synthetic additives. All ingredients are 100% natural and bioderadable.

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Benefits of Orange Essential Oil – Natura’s orange essential oil can be used for a variety of applications that range from lifting mood, reducing stress, to adding a fresh, citrusy aroma to your room.While orange has uplifting properties, it also has calming and balanced properties, providing a positive relief of tensions in the mind and body, improving sleep quality.

Special Feature-

Natural Ingredients-
Natura uses only natural products. Absolutely no chemicals or artificial substances used!

Zero-Waste –
Our philosophy is to reduce waste at every point of production. We believe a healthy Earth starts with each of us.

Locally Sourced Ingredients –
All ingredients are sourced as close to us as possible. We support our bio-region and reduce waste at the same time.

All our products are made by our small team, here in Auroville.

How to use –
The first step is to light the incense stick and wait for it to start smoking. You can place the incense stick in a holder if you’d like, but it doesn’t need to have one.
The next step is to hold the open end of the incense stick over your head or in a place where you want an aroma. You can also wave it around for more coverage. If you are using multiple sticks, remember that they will not smell good together and may clash.