Copper Tongue Cleaner

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Provides health benefits of copper. Great flexibility for tongue protection. Non-porous and easy to clean after use. Removes bad breath, bacteria and mucus. Copper tongue cleaner uses the properties of pure copper and keeps tongue diseases away.

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Special Feature-

Natural Ingredients-
Natura uses only natural products. Absolutely no chemicals or artificial substances used!

Zero-Waste –
Our philosophy is to reduce waste at every point of production. We believe a healthy Earth starts with each of us.

Locally Sourced Ingredients –
All ingredients are sourced as close to us as possible. We support our bio-region and reduce waste at the same time.

All our products are made by our small team, here in Auroville.

How to use –
Copper tongue cleaners are the tool of choice for most people. They are easy to use and a great way to clean the tongue.
This tool is placed on the back of your tongue and gently scrapes the surface. The scraping action removes bacteria that can cause bad breath and help promote healthy gums.
Copper tongue cleaners are commonly used because they remove bacteria from your mouth, which can cause bad breath and be harmful to your gums. They work by being placed on the back of your tongue and gently scraped in a downward motion so that it removes any bacteria clinging to its surface.


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